Browser support

Any modern browser will be able to display this web site nicely.

Opera and Firefox are both highly recommended for all platforms. On Mac OS X, both Safari and OmniWeb also do a great job.

The FAQ below answers these questions:


Why do I see a warning at the top of the page?

If your browser's not on this list (yeah, I'm looking at you, Internet Explorer), you'll see this message at the top of the page.

"Your browser may have trouble rendering this site properly. Visit supported browsers for more information."

While this site degrades gracefully under older browsers, it won't look as nice as it could.

What kind of stuff won't I be able to do?

If your browser doesn't support alpha-PNGs (see chart to the right), GIFs are used instead. This means that the icons will only look good on lighter backgrounds, so you won't be able to use all of the themes.

If your browser doesn't have DOM/DHTML support, all content has to be rendered statically. This takes more space and makes for poorer usability. Lack of CSS2 support causes similar problems, resulting in less flexible layouts.

The default theme has been carefully designed so that it looks nice even on non-compliant browsers.

How do I get rid of the warning?

The only way to get rid of the warning is to use one of the browsers mentioned above (see the downloads sidebar).

What does my browser need?

earthli WebCore web sites make use of and are fully compliant with the following web standards:

Your browser's capabilities are listed in the your browser box above.

How do I report a problem with browser detection?

If you think you shouldn't be getting a warning (e.g. all technologies listed above are supported) or if there is some other problem, you can:

  • send just your browser information
  • fill out the form below to provide more information
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Details courtesy of the earthli Browser Detector.