Done. Finished.
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I thought I’d start this article with a movie quote which will fit the content (The quote is from “Gone in 60 seconds” btw.).

As mentioned in my previous post we were participating in a moviemarathon with a team consisting of freaks and techies with almost no experience in the field.

It started on Thursday at 1100. Getting Urs an Joel from the train station nearby and leading them to my house.

At 1200 we received a call from our other participants who were Finding a story for the film which had to be five minutes long proved harder than we thought.

At 1700 we all agreed on the baseline of the story and began some preparations work for the shooting during the night.

Hmm… time is running out, gotta go to celebrate our movie actually finishing but not entering the top 10 (party will take place at the Mascotte Club in Zurich).

Get the movie here while I’m drinking myself sensless. Will update this post later on. Bye!