News 9 years Ago
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  • Tag support for devices added, including support in JS and the SetBuilder.
  • Worked on socket support and learned much about boost::asio in the progress. TcpSocket is functional (at least the parts covered by tests) but still missing the server parts.
  • Got used to using gitorious.
  • Released 0.7.6, a bugfix release which should enable non-git users to communicate with their demo-sets again.
  • Had to answer (and still have to reply to) some support mails, a clear sign that people are starting to use the code.
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This week was rather short with me having a day off, but that’s what we’ve accomplished last week in digitalSTROM Server (dSS) development:

  • Some Documentation added (yeah it’s still a bit thin for my taste too…)
  • Wiki cleaned up
  • Released 0.7.5
  • Rewritten meterings polling-loop to be event-based
  • Set-up & moved to
  • Updated the developer page
  • Closed some resolved issues that weren’t closed in a long time
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At the Developer Day (last Friday) we’ve officially opened up our git repository, allowing everyone to access the software. It might be of little use at the moment as the hardware is still not available (for sale anyway) but since we’ve got a simulation built into the dSS you can actually develop cool stuff without having access to the hardware.

As it’s not yet officially linked anywhere, here a short link collection to get you started:

  • Redmine for bug-tracking and wiki
  • Update: Git repository: git://
  • Mailinglists

If you’re not familiar with git you can download our latest release (0.7.5) here.