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Today, I moved over to a new server at Hetzner. So this is a delayed test of the new setup as well as a test if I’m still able to post something.

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Well after a down-time (known as PHP4 vs. PHP5, the return of the clone()) I’m back up again.

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I’ve just upgraded this page to use the latest pre-release of Earthli Webcore. In the process I’ve broken the album section but hopfully I can sort that out with Marco.
New features include ligatures™ like ‘…’, ½ and footnotes[1].

Also various improvements to the back end, fancy new buttons and menus.

Update: Well it was just the base-path that was wrong, the albums-section as well as the “show_source”-feature are working again.

[1] Hey, they really work!
News 13 years Ago
Published by packi on might be a probable sucessor to after the domain gets sold. This post makes sure I can claim ownership over my blog over at

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As of 0300 this morning, I’m able to serve an RSS feed for the page. The feed includes an unfiltered view on all topics published in the last 30 days. I’ll have to do some tweaking on the code before I submit them to Marco (like selecting a subtree, limiting the number of articles by a timeframe or count).

Get the feed NOW!

Published by packi on is now running the just released Webcore 2.6.1 (okay, it got released a week ago, but I’m a lazy bastard). The release notes are here.

No serious problems sofar, and if this article really gets posted, I’ll catch some sleep.

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At least I was bored enough to install Earthli WebCore and start up GIMP to replace the banner saying “Earthli Webcore”.

So for the unguided individual who might not know the famous WebCore:
Earthli Webcore is a “CMS” (well the core is more like a php-application framework) written by a coworker in his spare-time. While Mambo doesn’t care about validating sites he does (apparently do too). Combined with a simple userinterface and a fine-grained security, though not as bloated as Typo3 its ideal for my site.
And since he is my coworker I can call in for close airsupport (well it might help that i hold the root password for the server his page is hosted ;)

Anyway, I hope using this framework makes me update my page more recent than before (yeah promises, I know)…