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Inspired by this guy’s home-cockpit building project, I’ve started to think about building my own home-cockpit.

As with all my other projects I don’t expect to be finished, it but it will broaden my horizont (this time in the electronic direction).

So I’ve got me some microcontroller and some tutorials to start with. Lets see where this project leads me to.

News 15 years Ago
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The goal of this simulation is to create a virtual battlefield on which serveral users can proof their strategic skills. But the key is, there are no Users required to keep the game running. The user should be able participate in every aspect of a modern war. From a General to a simple soldier (hey, nothing against simple soldiers ;) everything should be possible.

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After reaching the third place at the national worldskills-competition we got this piece of hardware. But since i couldn’t get the java thing to work I’ve fired up visualstudio to create a little streaming application in C#. This went surprisingly smooth, so I fetched mono and installed it on my Linux server. Its not like i could take the binary from and move it to the linux-box but after a recompile and some forward- vs. backslash problems it worked “out of the box”.

The SharpStreamer still does the job, but I’d like to give it some playlist management thats not based on files but rather decides which music you would like to hear at this time. Aided by a time-table it would make a nice alarm-clock.

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Geist was intended to be a RPG of the next generation™ but like most hobbyist projects this one didn’t evolve quite as expected. I’m still convinced that it should be possible to generate a world and let the NPCs create their own background stories. This would save you from designing every rock on the World and the game could go on forever since the cultures living in this world have been living for generations in this world.

What I’ve implemented during this project:

  • A crossplatform Delphi like class-library with rtti support.
  • Script-compiler with interpreter (simple language, slightly Pascal influenced)
  • Two object-oriented 3d graphic engines

The screenshots of the engines are available in the screenshot corner