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Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to go to get a quick beer at the Break Even pub in Winterthur. We ended up visiting the afterwork party at the Carlton in Zurich with a charming exchange student.

Getting up today was a bitch though…

News 14 years Ago
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After having lost my cellphone on the “Openair Frauenfeld”, I’m going to visit the LinuxTag in Karlruhe (DE).
I hope I’‘ll be back with loads of information about “Linux on the cellprocessor” or Kolab2, news about grid-computing, usability in the opensource world and lots of usele^H^Hfull gadgets and books.

And hopefully I’ll be able to write in an more adequate climate (lower temperatures than 30° celsius ;)

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After a few drinks in a club which I’ve never visited since military service, I found myself lost in the Vibes club (I don’t know if vibes should be written in capital letters bur frankly I don’t care at 1:11 am ;).

Well after a while shaking I bumped into a guy which was standing next to me for about 30 mins, and thought that I’m shaking my hips (along with other bodyparts naturally attached to my body), to get him attracted to me…

Well, moving my body and my mass made him know better (ever been hit by a dumpster? ;)

After a shakehands, we decided to let go of eachother and so our ways separated…

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…an IT student in a crowd of other students?

Well if it was a very sunny day, look for sunburns! Firday is our lazy day, with many hours to waste since the timetable-creator thought it would be nice to give us a “four hous’s break” between the lessons. So we decided against our IT codex an went to the park to enjoy a “doner kebab”.

Unfortunately the skin-type of an IT student is nearly albino, so guess who got the nice colorful head afterwards? But after a few drinks at the JO-Party that wasn’t much of a concern anymore ;)